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Domestic parcel delivery service

Compare and find the best domestic shipping rates and services from multiple carriers. Many carriers offer each door to door parcel delivery services such as:

Teikeigai(Nonstandard-sized), Sassikodutumi(Booklet parcels), EXPACK500, Yahoo!Yu-pack, Yu-pack, Chilled Yu-pack(Parcels for those with a hearing disability), Takkyubin, Cool Takkyubin, Pelicanbin, Cool Pelicanbin, Sagawa Express, Hikyaku Cool Express, Kangaroobin, Kangaroo Chilledbin, Fukutsu Ttakuhaibin, Fukutsu Cool Takuhaibin, Parcel1,Kogumano Takuhaibin.....

By JAPANPOST, Yamato Transport, Nippon Express, Sagawa Express, Seino Transportation, Fukuyama Transporting, Meitetsu Transport and others.

This service is unavailable at this moment for the reason of revisions of its rates. Japanese version is available here.

International Mail

Compare and find the best international mail services from Japan to the world.

JAPANPOST offers Air Mail, SAL, Surface to send Letter, Printed matter, Small packet, Postal parcel, EMS.

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Brands and Price List URLs
JAPANPOST: Teikei(Standard Mail Service), You-Pack(Parcels inc/ refrigerated, golf/ski and airport service), EXPACK500(500yen Parcels)[J], You-Mail(Booklet Parcels), Yahoo!Yu-pack[J]
Yamato Transport: Takkyubin, Cool Takkyubin (Refrigerated Service)
Nippon Express[J]: Pelicanbin[J]
Sagawa Express: Hikyaku Express, Hikyaku Cool Express
Seino Transportation: Service List
Fukuyama Transporting: Parcel1[J]
Meitetsu Transport[J]: Kogumano Takuhaibin[J, no price list]